Engineer Your Java

Pigtrain Coffee (named for the trains that carry truck trailers on flatbed rail cars) brews locally-roasted coffees and the best espresso beans from locally-owned Conscious Coffee. The Union Station coffee spot restaurant offers coffee classics, iced coffee drinks, pastries, and fresh squeezed juices from local sources as well as alternative beverages such as alcohol coffee beverages and coffee cocktails, so you can enjoy a real Irish coffee, a hot toddy rum, or add some brandy to your java, while enjoying the bustle of the Great Hall of the newly renovated Union Station, near the Crawford Hotel. The space features coffee bar seating and a large patio overlooking Wynkoop Plaza.



Sun – Thurs: 6am to 10pm
Friday: 6am to 11pm
Saturday: 6am to 11pm



DESTINATION: Union Station
1701 Wynkoop Street
Denver, CO 80202

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